Piping A Succulent for the Succulent Flower Pot Cake

While thinking of the next cake to make for the Caking Artists I began to feel the heat.

Which made me think of how refreshing a succulent cake could be. Succulents can survive the heat easily, so you can too!

Succulents are such a great flower to recreate for your cakes! They come in numerous shapes and colors allowing you to be creative and unique each time you design a cake with them!

For this succulent cake I chose to pipe two types of the Echeveria succulents; one with a pointed leaf petal and one with an elongated scalloped petal.

I piped cacti and mini floral details around the flowers to form a garden of succulents.

The terracotta flower pot is frosted with the same American buttercream I used for the flowers.

If you are short on any supplies head over and check out the Pro Kit which comes with EVERYTHING you need to make this cake and several more (*you will also get a FREE cake course with the kit).

In this tutorial you will discover how to create the pointed open leaf succulent!

Before I begin I prep everything I need to create the succulent cake. Make sure you have your buttercream, piping bag and tips, and I recommend a turntable if you have one.

Its best to pipe the flower on a turntable because it enables you to easily turn the cake as you work to reach each side and angle without disrupting the piping work.

I have colored my buttercream with gel color to achieve the desired colors for each flower. I chose to go with the more classic green and blue hues for the large succulent flowers. 

I placed each color of my prepared buttercream in a piping bag with a coupler to allow me to easily transfer the piping tips from each color as I work. My last step of prep is to cut 3" squares of parchment which I will use as the surface to pipe my succulent on. 

To begin I first pipe the center support of the flower using the white buttercream. I pipe in a circular motion starting with a 1.5" diameter base and continue piping upwards in a circular motion to form a center mound. 

Piping center of succulent flower

Starting at the base of the center mound, I use the blue buttercream with the leaf piping tip attached to create the first round of petals. I angle my piping tip outwards to form an open bloomed succulent. 

I continue upwards along the center creating two more rows of open leaf petals. Make sure each leaf is meeting up with the base of the petal underneath to ensure there are no gaps. 

Piping succulent flower
Lastly, we fill in the center of the flower. I angle the piping tip upwards to create a closed center as I work my way to the middle. I continue to pipe in rows until I fill in the entire center of the succulent. 
As I finish each succulent I place it on a wood board and into the freezer. Allowing the flower to freeze will make it easy to transfer onto the cake later on. I love how detailed and realistic the buttercream succulent looks! Using different piping tips you can create different shapes and styles of succulents to build a unique garden that looks beautiful and tastes delicious too!
One you have tried this a few times you can make them look this good as well! Now I am off to finish the rest of the cake you see below.
Want to follow along AND get everything you need to make this cake (yes you can get the gels you need to color your buttercream too if you want!)
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Want to know more? Here is a quick run down...

The Caking Art Pro Kit gives you everything you need to make this cake and more!

You can learn how to create the entire succulent flower pot cake above, including how to:

  • Bake the cake and mix the buttercream frosting
  • Shape the cake
  • Color the buttercream
  • Pipe the other flower and cacti
  • Assemble the cake
  • PLUS make 3 additional cakes, just as beautiful!


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