Some of our newest cake artists!

"I love to bake. I’ve never been good at cake decorating. I saw this and was like omg, I have to try and learn. Thank you for offering stuff like this for anyone and everyone"


"My partner and I have had such a great time during the pandemic making these cakes! ...we’ve found it’s the perfect bonding activity once the three and a half year old is in bed!"


"The video tutorials were very detailed and helpful. I think it was very advantageous to have both written directions and videos. At the beginning I was worried that I would be stressed the whole time because of how challenging it looked. And I was fortunately mistaken, your lessons, tips and tricks, and explanations made the whole experience very enjoyable and fun. I also liked the way the website tracked your progress so you could see how far along you were. Making the patty and condiments was very amusing. I loved the creativity with each step. "


"Our daughter is 22 and has autism. She loves anything that has step by step instructions or patterns to follow...being creative is a bonus! Baking and decorating cakes has become a fun family activity for us to do together on the weekends. Here are the first 2...on to the Mac n' cheese bowl next .🙂



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